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Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park


I just got back from Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park  yesterday. The fall colors were incredible and I’ll get some cool photos up in a few days but I wanted to post this cool elk pic I shot yesterday in RMNP.   Tough to beat RMNP for photographing elk.   RMNP is amazing but I’d love to see the Yellowstone wolves wander down this way and set up a pack.  RMNP really suffers from the lack of an apex predator.   Too many elk destroy the willows, then the beaver don’t have enough habitat, and on and on.  Mother Nature had it right before we started killing all the predators.  End on rant 🙂


I saw this one standing in a grove of aspens and the shot was pretty obscured so I just chilled out and watched him until he moved into a bit of a clearing.   The fall is an awesome time to photograph elk,  They’re in rut and are much less impacted by what’s going on around them.  I get it, everything else is inconsequential when love is in the air.


I shot this with the Fuji X-T1 and the 55-200 Fuji lens.    The Fuji 55-200 is fine as an all around telephoto lens but you really need a larger aperture if you want a lens that will render the background out of focus.  For shots like this, I don’t want the background completely muted.   The more i shoot, the I like the whole scene to be, if not in complete focus, at least recognizable.



Doe, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

I shot this in Rocky Mountain National Park last week.

The image was captured with the Sony RX100.    It’s the best pocketable compact camera on the market.


Doe in RMNP.


The Black Hills

I had an awesome day on Friday hiking and photographing bison in the Black Hills.   I got lucky with temps around 50 degrees and sunny skies (a snowstorm blew in the next day).   The off-trail hiking was awesome – great vistas and herds of bison.  I’m thinking of a backpacking/photo safari in the Black Hills this springs.

All of these images were shot with either an Olympus OMD EM-5 with the 75mm 1.8 lens or a Sony RX-100.  My days of lugging heavy DSLR’s on hiking trips are over.   The quality of the images from the new mirrorless cameras is amazing.


Getting lucky is often a big part of photography. I noticed this elk antler when I was hiking and used it to frame this image and it took it from okay to pretty good.




It was a little unsettling when I pulled to a stop to watch a herd of bison and a bunch of them charged over and surrounded my truck and started licking it…turns out they like the salt that’s gotten encrusted on it this winter.



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Red colobus monkeys in the Jozani Rainforest On Zanzibar.

I love Zanzibar!  Incredible snorkeling, awesome beaches, cool markets in Stone Town, and flying monkeys!   Tough to beat flying monkeys.  These are shots I took of the red colobus monkeys in the Jozani rainforest on Zanzibar.

He’s just chilling out…

thinking about it…

still thinking…

and I’m out of here!



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