Atlantis ADAPT

Atlantis ADAPT


On the eve of the GOP’s last gasp attempt to repeal Obamacare (and replace it with…well, who knows what they were going to replace it with.  If they replaced it, at all.), protestors from Atlantis ADAPT gathered outside Gardner’s office to demand he “kill the bill, don’t kill us.”


Sarah Metsch from Atlantis ADAPT leading the march around Senator Gardner’s office protesting his callous disregard for people with disabilities.

Tay Anderson imploring more folks to come down and support Atlantis ADAPT.

I see a million of these moments in the midst of the Resistance.  People experiencing joy and connection and love in the midst of a struggle that is life and death for some people.  These brave souls give me hope.

Lauren’s tattoo distilled the point of the Resistance for me.

That look you get when you can’t quite believe what Senator Cory Gardner tells you.

It’s gotten to the point the only way to see Senator Gardner is to pay him. I don’t think he was enticed by what was offered. He’s used to the $100k paydays from the Koch brothers.

Getting ready to march around Gardner’s office.  

Sarah Metsch from Atlantis ADAPT protesting outside Gardner’s office.


Jose Torres-Vega, on the left, being interviewed by Progress Now’s Manuel Lopez del Rio.

The guy on the left was one of two counter-protestors. All I could discern from his comments was that he was upset his premiums had gone up under the ACA. He is the embodiment of white privilege. He is complaining about his situation to people who are facing life and death situations. And somehow it’s all about him.

This lady was gently and almost quietly playing and singing. I love these souls who make the world a softer, kinder place.


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Denver Health Care Rally

Denver Health Care Rally


Denver showed up yesterday at the state capitol to rally to save our health care.


I have photographed almost a hundred events like this, and I have yet to encounter the mythical paid protestor.  No.  What I do see are amazing, intelligent, compassionate human beings.  What I have yet to see is Senator Cory Gardner.  I’m not sure he actually exists.

Thanks to the people like Reverend Tyler who have been fighting for justice in this country for years.

Folks protesting the proposed repeal of Obamacare.


Rev Tyler firing up the crowd.

Senator Michael Bennett made a surprise appearance…

…our other senator was seen hiding in the bushes.

I love the juxtaposition of Senator Bennett speaking with the “Where’s Cory?” sign in the foreground.

The crowd reacting to Senator Bennett.

A doctor sharing his take on the proposed repeal of Obamacare.

Planned Parenthood representing.


I always meet the best people at these events.


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2017 Immigrant Liberty Awards

2017 Immigrant Liberty Awards

The Immigrant Liberty Awards is always one of my favorite events to photograph.  If I’m in the country, I always volunteer to photograph it for the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN).  While I know they appreciate me shooting it for them, I always leave at the end of the night feeling like I received a lot more than I contributed.  The evening is that powerful.  Hearing the stories of immigrants and refugees who have endured incredible hardship to make it to this country always moves me.  And seeing all the attorneys who volunteer their time to help immigrants affirms my belief in this country.


I don’t think I’ve ever photographed the annual awards and not teared up at least once during the evening.  Seeing people who represent the promise of this county is especially poignant to me given the hateful rhetoric directed at our refugee and immigrant communities by the current administration.  We’re better than that.  And RMIAN is a powerful reminder to me that there is more I can do to help.


Please consider donating to help RMIAN with their important work.


The 2017 Immigrant Liberty Awards was held at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Denver.



I always see awesome people at the Awards dinner. Great to chat with my yoga teacher, Ann Bortz and my new friend, Farduus, with the Colorado African Organization.


The silent auction was a huge success.


The chair of this year’s awards (and my favorite attorney!), Stephanie.


Nadeen Ibrahim, community activist and member of the Denver Immigrant & Refugee Commission, was Master of Ceremonies.


Laura Lunn, Managing Attorney, RMIAN Detention Program.


The auction raised over $100k this year!


Teresa, a RMIAN client was moved to tears expressing her gratitude for the help she received from RMIAN.


This gentleman donated $10,000 during the auction. As I was taking his photo, he signaled for me to come over and asked me, “Who do I give the check to?” I assured him that they would find him at some point in the evening : )


It was awesome to finally meet my favorite Denver mayor, Federico Pena. He and his wife each made incredibly generous donations.


The law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP received the 9th Annual Pro Bono Service Award


Yana Vishnitsky first came to Colorado with her family as a persecuted Jewish refugee from Soviet Russia in 1978. After received assistance from Jewish Family Services (JFS), she worked as a nonprofit leader working at JFS. She retired from the agency as its President and CEO last year.   She gave a funny and moving speech.  But what moved me as I photographed her was the respect and love that was so evident for her from the RMIAN community.


The Colorado African Organization Community Navigators are refugees themselves and they assist new refugees in bridging the gap between resettlement and self-sufficiency.   They are also awesome human beings.  I got to know them a bit when I did their head shots last week.  And it was a treat to spend more time with several of them during the evening.


Nadeen Ibrahim congratulating award winner Edgar Barraza.   Edgar is the first DREAMer to become a member of the Colorado Bar.


Lots of laughter throughout the evening.


The Colorado African Organization getting their photo op on!


Candles were lit and held by each person to welcome immigrants in the way the torch of the Statue of Liberty has welcomed immigrants to this country.


An incredible evening.

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Denver Sikh Parade

Denver Sikh Parade


I’ve been immersed in planning a trip to India this winter, and experiencing the kindness and hospitality from the Denver Sikh community has ratcheted that anticipation up ten fold!  I’ve been friends with a few Sikhs over the years but I’ve never been at a large gathering like this. The kindness and laughter I experienced today has me looking up all the places my new Sikh friends suggested I visit.  I could not walk ten steps on Saturday without being offered juice or water or some tasty snack.  And everyone I spoke to patiently answered my questions.  And the smiles.  Always with the smiles.

And for me, this is all wonderful.  But one of the reasons for the second annual Sikh parade is to promote awareness and acceptance of the Sikh community.   One of the speakers lamented the bullying their kids experience in school.  And several people I spoke to mentioned their own child’s experience with being bullied for being a Sikh.  Google Sikh and hate crime to get a full appreciation of the challenges they face.

It’s not about whether or not they should be here.  They belong here as much as you or I do.  This is their country.  That is not up for debate among decent people.  Our challenge is to stand as their ally against the ignorance still too prevalent in this country.  And, unfortunately, the current leadership of this country stokes that stupidity.  We’re better than this.

“Sikhism teaches that all human beings are equal.  Sikhs believe that each individual can realize the divine through practicing three core beliefs: devotion to God, truthful living, and service to humanity.”




I love this little dude’s expression.

Nothing more American than diversity. And I have yet meet a group of people who love this country more than Sikhs.

…and nothing says we embrace the USA like a gas guzzling monster truck.

This. Exactly this.

Kids running to jump on the truck.

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