Yesterday morning students in the Denver metro area walked out of class in support of their DACA friends.

I have started and stopped writing this post a dozen times. Each attempt has turned into an angry rant. It’s infuriating that any caring human being could defend rescinding DACA. Mostly, it’s just heartbreaking. Imagine that the only country you have known, tells you to start “arranging your departure.”. Every single person I know who is a DACA recipient is a courageous, intelligent, thoughtful human being. They are everything the president is not. It’s heartbreaking that these children and young adults, who have lived most of their lives in this country, face being deported to a place most don’t even know.

Senator Cory Gardner came out in support of the Dream Act. His silence before yesterday afternoon is telling as far as where his heart lies. But his co-sponsoring of the Dream Act demonstrates that all those call, emails, and faxes to his office worked. Keep calling! Demand that the Dream Act get a clean vote. Tying it to the border wall is not tenable or humane. Keep calling both your Dem and GOP reps. The failure to pass immigration reform is a bipartisan debacle. Not excusing that turd in the White House, but Dems have repeatedly failed to step up and get this done. While you’re at it, call Bernie Sanders and let him know he can make amends for voting against immigration reform in 2007. Thank you.

My DACA and undocumented friends and immigration attorney friends, please let me know if I can help with my photography. An immigration attorney friend told me that having family photos does impact immigration judges in their decision. I’m willing to travel anywhere in Colorado, Northern NM and Wyoming to do this. No charge.

If you’re looking for a way to tangibly help DACA and undocumented Americans, please consider donating to the Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocacy Network (RMIAN). They are an incredible organization.

East High School students marching in support of DACA recipients.

Thousands gathered at Aurora campus in support of DACA recipients.

I love this.


Victor Galvan firing up the crowd


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