A few of my fave photos from the anti-racist march in Denver in response to the racist attacks of peaceful protestors in Charlottesville.

Lots of somber and depressing thoughts bouncing around in my head about the events in Charlottesville, and the president’s seeming endorsement of those crimes. But what I’m really feeling as I look through these photos is an immense amount of gratitude for all the incredible people I’ve met since we elected that fascist. I’d list you all but I’d forget someone. I just want to say I see you and I love you.

Several thousand gathered to peacefully rally in support of Charlottesville.

Rev. Dr Timothy Tyler firing up the crowd.

Activist and Denver School Board candidate Tay Anderson.

Marching down Colfax Ave in Denver.

Into the storm.


Torrential downpour did not deter the marchers!

A moment of silence.




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