One Thousand Ministers March

One Thousand Ministers March for Justice

My heart was blown open by the love and kindness and the fierce resolve that I witnessed at the One Thousand Ministers March for Justice.   And getting to experience all this in the company of one of the heroes of the Resistance? I’ll treasure that one for a long time.  Thank you, Rev. Tyler.

The One Thousand Ministers March for Justice came on the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  We marched in the wake of the insanity of a president who seemingly condoned the racist actions of the nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.  His disgusting comments about “not destroying our heritage” and “erasing history” and “Bad behavior on many sides. Many sides”. His rhetoric since he started his campaign has normalized and given permission to the racist cockroaches to come out into the light of day.  We’re so far past the dog whistles of the GOP of old and full steaming ahead into fascism and blatant racism.  And yet into this environment, marchers, many who have been fighting for equality since they marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and have to be exhausted by the insanity, prayerfully and peacefully marched for a better America.

I experienced at least a dozen moments of the beauty of humanity during the day. Here’s just one. As the march approached it’s destination at the Justice Department, I raced towards a planter that would give me some elevation for what I thought would be a cool image of the entire march. I saw a photographer clamber up, but still room for one more. But just as I got there, another photographer vaulted up. No plan B, so I just shrugged. The last photographer up, forgoing what I knew was a cool shot, reached down to pull me up.  The other photographer joined in, hoisting me up.  In the running world, this would be the equivalent of stopping your race to help a runner who fell in front of you. Namaste.


One of my fave photos of the day. The One Thousand Ministers March for Justice marching past the Washington Monument.

The prayer breakfast at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington DC. The faith and resolve of people like this lady praying that morning, are a great reminder to me that I’m in this for as long as it takes.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.

I watched this man as he prayed during the pre-march gathering at the MLK memorial. After a few minutes he was overcome with emotion. I’m always touched when I’m allowed to witness these moments of connection.

The dancers before the speakers were amazing.

I’ll march and protest until this perfect child has the same opportunities as my granddaughter.

An incredibly peaceful and prayerful gathering..

One of the heroes of the Resistance, Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler.

Marching down Constitution Avenue in Washington DC.

These are the moments I live for as a photographer.

Arriving at the Justice Department.

The Rev. Al Sharpton.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler.

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III greeting Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler.

That look you get when you’ve been in the fight all your life…and the country is headed backwards.

The Rev. Martin Luther King III. Incredible to meet MLK’s son.

Rev. Al Sharpton, the organizer of the One Thousand Ministers for Justice march.

The Rev. Martin Luther King III taking a moment before speaking.


This thirteen year old young man was quite the speaker.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Being around him for a bit and photographing him, I was struck by his humility and thoughtfulness.

The marchers responding to Rev. Jackson.

The love for Rev. Jackson was palpable.


Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaking. It was awesome to meet him after he spoke.

We shall overcome.


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