Denver Peace Rally

Denver Peace Rally

As I photograph more and more rallies and protests and marches, I am struck by the thoughtful, kind, and diverse group of people I meet. I am not just photographing the Resistance. I’m also here as a witness. And as I looked around yesterday, I was struck by how many people I was photographing that I love. It’s a gift to see each one of you.  Thank you for showing up again and again.  Thank you for resisting.  You blow my heart open.


I still haven’t seen the elusive paid protestor. I keep hearing about him. But, after photographing almost a hundred of these, from Standing Rock to dozens of protests in Denver, I haven’t seen one yet. I’ll keep you posted. What I do see are amazing, kind, thoughtful folks who care deeply about humanity.


Denver shows up in support of peace.

“This is not a black thing! This is not a white thing! This is a HUMAN thing!” –Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler speaking truth.

A huge thank you to Queen Phoenix for creating this powerful event.


Thank you to the Colorado State Patrol for their professional presence at the rally. But here’s a plea for a little diversity in the CSP. I’m sure they exist, but a non-white CSP officer appears to be almost as elusive as the mythical paid protestor.

I almost blanche when I see these disgusting words. But I think it’s important to keep reminding the world what a vile, disgusting person the president is, condemned by his own words.  But what makes this photo for me is the woman in the middle and her expression looking right at me.  I wonder what she’s thinking.

Folk singers through a peace sign.

I will keep protesting and fighting and photographing until this beautiful, perfect child has the same advantages as my granddaughter. Doing anything else feels like betrayal.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler during a quiet moment.


The awesome warriors of Indivisible.

Mad respect for Jeanette Vizguerra. One of my heroes.


Tay Anderson firing up the crowd. Tay showed up after getting out of the hospital that morning. Fierce.

The crowd responding to Tay.

The crowd of young people responding to Tay mocking the recent behavior of that turd in the White House.

Poet Arian Noorzai.


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